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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Friends Of Pole Bank

Thank you to Dave Barlow for sending in another great video of the on going restoration work in the grounds of Pole Bank Hall

Dave says that Pole Bank played a big part in his development as a young lad and he's sure it did with many others who lived around Gee Cross. Dave and the others are putting in quite a bit of work in restoring the grounds and pond. Dave thinks its a pity many of today's kids don't experience the old lifestyles of rope swings, building a dam, climbing a tree!, looking for birds nests, collecting conkers and all the rest of it on long hot summer days with good mates.

I took part in all those activities and more, and Pole Bank played a big part in my younger days so I am more than pleased to be able to show the video's  and keep folk updated about what is being done by the Friends Of Pole Bank group. Well done to all involved in this cause. 

Here's a few pictures I took of the place a while back.

I have many pictures of Pole Bank taken over a number of years now but I can find most of them... I will keep looking. In the mean time here are a few of the many birds to be found in the woods and gardens.

Robin  ‎January ‎2005

Thrush  March ‎2009

Siskin    ‎March ‎2009

Great Tit   ‎March ‎2009

Greater Spotted Woodpecker  ‎November ‎2008

When I come across others I will add them or save them for another post.


downsie21 said...

Brilliant work and photos. Brings back happy memories.

Werneth Low said...

A thousand thanks for all the material in this post, Tom. This Sunday when I'm down, I've promised myself a look in Pole Bank grounds. My favourite bit of all this is the recapturing of the adventure of The little lad in George Wain's film. I remember of course the location as it was then and wouldn't recognise it now.

Just out of interest, has anyone ever done anything like thid on Gower Hey Woods, from the swing park throug the wood to King George Road? I'd love to see that.

Thanks again.

Dave B said...

Good shots before the pond was dredged. Grass verges & pathways perfectly manicured, must have had a full council gardening team going in those days. Its a wonder the small stone island survived collapse under the weight of that tree and the rest of the foliage.
Good clear close ups of the birds, you must have a decent camera Tom, Siskin is a beauty...

JohnT said...

A brilliant post.
Great shots of the Song Thrush and the Greater Spotted.

Hydonian said...

Trish Said....

These are lovely photos Tom, thanks for sharing them, brought back wonderful memories, my mum would take us there in the fifties, after we had visited my nan on Windsor Rd. We would play on the grass area and then feed the ducks.

And like the above comment from Werneth Low, I would also be very interested to see old photos of Gower Hey woods. When I was growing up in the fifties we lived on King George Rd, and spent most of our childhood in those woods, and making our way to that marvellous swing park, what the kids miss today! I am so very glad I was a child of the fifties.