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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Pre Mansfield Road Houses

Here is a good shot, taken in 1933, before the Mansfield Road estate was built.

The Railway is to the right of the photo with the Clarkes Arms pub showing bottom right.
The waterworks building can be clearly seen in the middle of the picture.
Mansfield Road is running from the left to the bridge in the top right. This is the bridge that joins Mansfield Road with Peel Street.
It looks like there were plenty of Allotments to be had ! Sadly these seem to be dying out as the land gets built on.

 So much open space !

As before, picture courtesy of Britainfromabove
Many Thanks.

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Trish said...

Isn't this a great photo from 1933, lovely to see all that open space, I know they had some hard times in those days, but doesn't it look so peaceful and quiet, compared to the busy area it is today, life appeared so much slower and calmer back in 1933, instead of the hectic way of life today. I think I would have liked it back then!