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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Clarendon Lodge Masonic Medal

Another interesting Hyde item on e-Bay. 
Still a few days left on this if anyone is interested.

Clarendon Lodge

Lodge Details
Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1867
Warrant of Constitution: 28 March 1867 Cons. 22 Aug. 1867

1894 onwards: 1166
Lodge Number (1863): 1166

 Market Place, Hyde, Cheshire

Queen's Hotel, Market Place, Hyde, Cheshire 1867
Commercial Hotel, Manchester Road, Hyde, Cheshire 1887
Wellington Hotel, Manchester Road, Hyde, Cheshire 1891
Queen's Hotel, Manchester Road, Hyde, Cheshire 1894


werneth Low said...

Tom, please let's not turn this blog into an advertising agency for ebay, especially for items relating to freemasonry.

Tom said...

I think things like this are of interest... Ebay as been an excellent source of information and I know others who read the blog use it regular. We have featured the Masons and their Lodge a number of times and I cannot see anything wrong with doing that.
I for one have not seen one of these Medals before, and might have been tempted to buy it for my Hyde Items collection... and bring it back home to Hyde.

You personally might not like seeing these, but others will.

Werneth Low said...

Fair enough. You are the Blog admin and have the last word, but I'm disappointed to have noticed that the whole atmosphere of this site has changed since Nancy has not been able to hold the reins, particularly since you choose to respond to the trolls who are once again creeping in, with the resultant unpleasantness that ensues.

Over the past two years or so I have sent much stuff for inclusion on here, and have gone to a lot of effort to find things of interest. In fact, I sent you a couple of then and now shots of Manchester Road a fortnight ago but you haven't used them.

Just for the record, I also use Ebay and have added considerably to my Hyde postcard collection from it over a period of time. There are many fascinating objects relating to Hyde on it but, for me, those relating to Freemasonry are not among them.

Anonymous said...

I can't see what is wrong with this post. This is part of Hyde's history and I never realised meetings were held in the public houses mentioned. Keep up the good work

Dave B said...

Some of the principals of Freemasonry to a lesser degree are constantly around us in day to day life whether or not this order had existed at all...we've all experienced it...fancied a job at the local factory where your mate works?..he then gives you a nod and a wink, puts a quiet word in and before you know it you've got the job no questions asked! whereas a stranger making a general enquiry on the same day would be told 'sorry no vacancies'(I've experienced this)
Might be the local butcher,get friendly,chatty,bond with him a bit and before you know it you are getting that wink again with a free piece of rump steak thrown in your bag. A stranger walking in would just get his basic 6 pork links..so I think the whole world revolves around who you know and not what you know.
As far as the medals on Ebay go I think they've gone past their sell by date now as any sort of status symbol which may cause offence and are now items of historical interest...