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by Brian Thornley
May 2015
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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Whit Walks 1950's

Here is a rather splendid photograph of the Whit walks circa mid to late 1950's.
They are walking past the cottages next to Pole Bank.
Don't the children all look smart !


The cottages as they look today.

Thanks to John T for this great photo!
Keep them coming.


Graham Boote said...

Funny how things change within a relatively short space of time. I vaguely recall (I think anyway) walking from St Thomas’ church on Lumn Road when I was a little kid. That was only the mid to late 60’s which in the overall scheme of things is not all that long ago!

I can hardly imagine now lots of people putting on their Sunday Best clothes and marching in the numbers that they used to get for the Whit Walks.

Just a question about the (great) picture. From my recollection, apart from Pole Bank there is not much other than houses on that part of Dowson Road between Woodley & Bredbury and Hyde town centre. Has anyone any idea what church they would have been marching for…..and why would they be down that neck of the woods? Did the walkers meet up in the town centre?

Tom said...

The might of been from Hyde Chapel.... I never attended a church but can recall Whit Walks.. and as I went to school at Enfield Street I remember visit Pole Bank Hall with school on many occasions, such as Christmas to sing carols, and at Easter and of course at Harvest Festival time. I'm sure this was a tradition that went back many many years and might have originally been to the time that the Ashton Family lived there.
Those cottages are stunning... same that there's not more of them like that in the area.

Anonymous said...

I think you are right Tom, the Whit Walks went to sing at PoleBank and Bowleacre homes. I did go to the chapel for a little while and then went to Holy Trinity when I went to school and I remember going there so I think all the churches congregated for the Walks and all went there. I think they all met on the corner of School Lane/King Edward Road and went on from there.
Lovely to see the cottages, looked at them last week and also talked about Bagshaws farm, but perhaps that can be another post~?? Lizzy

Werneth Low said...

The children from all Gee Cross churches - Hyde Chapel, Holy Trinity, Joel Lane and Stockport Road Methodists - walked to and gathered at Pole Bank at Whit. I don't ever recall going to Bowlacre but it's possible that we did. I know the old ladies who were resident at Pole Bank always loved to see the kids in their new clothes.

Tom said...

I can remember singing Carols and being very cold, yet I always looked forward to going there... Pole Bank holds many nice memories for me.

Kathy said...

I can remember singing Carols and being very cold, yet I always looked forward to going there... Pole Bank holds many nice memories for me.