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Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Hyde Club

This building stands on Bowling Green Street.
It is, as the street name suggests, a crown bowling club.
If anyone has any knowledge of this club and its history, please get in touch !




The club shown on a 1910 map.

Hyde Photographic Society also meet here on a Monday.
This Society was founded in 1954 by a group of keen photographers, to promote photography in the Hyde area.


Tom said...

One place I have never been in Nancy... I showed the post to my mate Jack Cheetham and he tells me that one of his paintings of St Georges hangs in there. Was it also knows as 'The Gentleman's Club' ?

JohnT said...

From my recollection this is the 'Top Club' namely the top Conservative Club. The bottom Conservative Club was the 'Bottom Club' which is on Reynold Street. OK, I'll come clean, I was a member of the bottom club in the late 70's early 80's when Kathleen and Howard Peacock were the stewards. Happy days!

Jean said...

Yes Tom it was also called The Gentlemans Club.

I remember going there on a masonic do and got doubled up with this dead serious guy who lived to bowl, luckily as my dad was into bowling I knew what I was doing we won. He said I was the best amateur he had ever played with. Back handed compliment or what?

John I remember when Kath and Howard had the Sheps. There daughter Margaret married a Colin Gosling who I grew up with on Mansfield Road.

Bill Lancashire said...

I was a member of The Hyde Club for several years. It is also known as The Gentleman's Club and also The Top Club. It was never a Tory Club though and is non-political. It was founded in the early 1890's as a social club for the gentry of the town. There are a lot of big, imposing houses in the close vicinity. The bricked up door you see in the middle of the wall was the original entrance that led to a lobby separating the card/social room on the right from the snooker room on the left. The new entrance is now on the left of the building The snooker room has two tables and the social room has some wonderful old card tables and wooden chairs that look as though they have been there since the club was first formed. At the back is a super bowling green. Sadly, the area where the club is located has become less popular for well-off residents and also the drink drive laws discourage trade. The membership role is dwindling year by year. Nevertheless it is still a great place to visit if you ever get an opportunity.

Tom said...

Great comments... and thank you Jean.

Hydonian said...

Great Information there, Bill.
Thanks very much :)

Anonymous said...

Tom said...
One place I have never been in


Anonymous said...

This is still a lovely and fantastic bowling green. My partner still goes often to bowl and have a drink with the other members. The Hyde Cub is a hidden gem.

Anonymous said...

Sorry spelling mistake!! that was meant to say
The Hyde Club is a hidden gem.

Maloney said...

Billy, why don't you come straight out with it. The area is full of immigrants and no decent perwant's to be seen there.

Anonymous said...

Think I was one of the fist women to be allowed on the snooker table, because I was a gobby feminist at the time & proved I could play! Only went back once more to play, but have been to birthday do's there. Surprised to find out that at lot of Hyde people don't know it exists!

Rogdogblue said...

A hidden Gem. Very friendly crowd. The three Amigos and Carlos are very definitely plumbed in.