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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Enfield Street Class 2 1971/72




Another Up Date this one from Stephen Woolley

Adrian Sherratt, Karen Sudbury, Christine Holland, Deborah Rowlandson, Sharon Moiré, Stuart Valentine, Harry Clarke, Christine Sowter, Helen Booth, Tracey Wylde, Miss Meredith, (Teacher). Michael Hawker, Paul Hawker, Gary Coleman, Lyndon Boot, Stephen Shard, Stuart Eaves, David Roberts, Andrew Marshall, Nicola Bowker, Kathryn Marsden, Martina Abyanca, Simon Stewart, Jennifer Goldthorpe, Jacqueline Booth, Karen Conner, Bev Sowter, Susan Smith.
Cheers Stephen


Graham Boote said...

Happy New Year Nancy, Tom, Dave & Paul, and thank you for all the hard work you put in during 2011. Sincerely appreciated.

westarsteve said...

happy new year to tom,nancy,dave&paul and all the readers of this wonderful site keep up the good work in 2012 many thanks for all your hard work

Historian said...

Happy New Year to Team Hydonian. Your work is greatly appreciated and the site is the very best way to keep in touch with Hyde and its fascinating past.

Anonymous said...

I can't recognise anyone on here, I must be getting old!!!

Happy New Year to you all


Tom said...

You will be forever young Lizzy.. ;o)

Werneth Low said...

To Nancy, Dave, Paul and Tom very best wishes for health and happiness in 2012, and many thanks for all you do in providing a focus for sharing what Hyde means to Hydonians the world over.

Ceecee said...

Happy New year to everyone at team H and also to all the readers of the blog. Thanks for all the memories. I will be looking forward to my daily dose of nostalgia this year.

Hydonian said...

Thanks very much to Martina for her input on this post.
I love to put names to faces :)

Tom said...

Martina's memories is another perfect start to the New Year... thank you.