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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas One And All
Tom, Nancy, Dave, Paul



westarsteve said...

a merry christmas to tom nancy paul and tom and all the people that have made this site one of the best sites on the internet many thanks have a restful holiday thanks steve

Werneth Low said...

A thousand thanks for this website - it's my permanent link with home.

While I think of it, Nancy is Doreen Morris your mum? We met at the old Zion and she sent me a copy of her book. Please give her my best if she's the same person.

Warmest Christmas wishes to you all.

Susan Jaleel

Hydonian said...

Thanks Steve, and a merry christmas to you!:)
Werneth Low - Yes, that's my Mum ! I shall pass on your good wishes.
A happy christmas to you, too!

ian... said...

Merry Christmas all of you, thanks for your brill blog and enjoy putting your feet up for the Bond films et al!!!

Hydonian said...

Thanks Ian,Have a happy christmas but not too many mince pies ;)

Arija said...

Just dropped by to wish you all a Merry christmas and a brilliant New Year.and to thank you for starting SkyWatch all those years ago.

Blessings from Australia . . . Arija

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

a lovely old card - Merry Christmas

Hydonian said...

Hope you had a lovely day, Gerald !

Graham Boote said...

Hi Tom, Nancy, Dave and Paul,

Best wishes (belated I know, but better late than never) for Christmas and all the very best for New Year.

Thanks for all the awesome posts over the year. I really do enjoy your site.