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Friday, 23 December 2011

Hyde Park View

Picture and Words By Duncan Nield







Some thoughts to go with the pictures

The bandstand provided the focal point (and perhaps still does) for the Whit Walks through Hyde. This was particularly big business in the 60’s. All the local churches, youth groups and fraternities would process through Hyde with their various banners, flags, insignia and regalia on a Sunday afternoon and congregate in the park for  hymns accompanied by a brass band. For my part ( Duncan Nield) I marched with my Sunday school from Zion’s in Gee Cross. Which is when I first met one of the blog founders Nancy Morris. Other young uns in our class were Jane Morris, Martin and Pip Wilson, Philip Park and Iain Broadhead.

The bandstand looks better now than I remember but still retains its original grandeur.

The playpark has changed a lot. It used to have a mini steam train that you could ride on back and forth. But the current playground has far more things to do on it than the old swings, slide and umbrella.

The picture of the footpath that drops off in the centre, was where many of us used to emerge from Hyde Grammar in the early 70s when fiddling time off from PE. The Path drops down into a valley that was part of the school cross country run and up the other side was the school buildings, tennis courts, football and cricket pitches. (The tennis courts and football pitch are now a police station). There were various strategic ‘gaps’ in the school fence and during PE, we would take in in turns for couple to bunk off as two missing from the ranks of 30 or so was never noticed, and head for the refreshments hall to buy Mambos and Jubblys and feed the rabbits ( now where the stone arrangement is in one of the pictures).

My Gran (Margaret ‘Peggy’ Nield) used to own a greengrocers in Hyde which was located on a shopping street that disappeared when they dug the trench for the M67 to go through. She lived on Shelly Grove off Lodge Lane and my younger sister and I spent many weekends with her up there. She always saved loads of carrots, cauliflowers and cabbages that were past there best to take us to the park to feed the rabbits.

Credit to the park keeper – great job, all looking good !
Duncan Nield


Tom said...

Great pictures and words Duncan... thank you for doing a post... feel free to do another any time.

I happened to walk through the park yesterday morning and was struck by how well it was looking... we tend to take such places for granted at times.
I recall the train very well, I had many a ride on it... I think it went to Manor Park in Glossop when it left Hyde.

Werneth Low said...

I don't have too many recollections of the park, I'm afraid. The abiding memory, though its accuracy is open to question, is of being there with my mother and getting cut on glass in the paddling pool. Was there a paddling pool or did I dream this?

The last time I was there was in 2005 when I went to see the memorial, which is beautiful.