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Monday, 19 December 2011

The Railway Hotel


The Railway Hotel on Simpson street was named for its close proximity to Hyde Central railway station. The pub closed down in the 1980's and is now a workshop.
Picture and description  by Paul Taylor

Thank's to Paul for the picture and information, I spent many a Sunday night in the vault of this pub playing on the pinball machine with Chris Douglas, Dave Harrison, and Pete Hambleton. I recall it changed hands at least twice in the 1980's... Alf Beeley took it on, along with the Royal Albert.. and I'm sure it was Alf that changed the name to The 10 Houses.. it was while under this name that live bands would play here.. that was until it was bought to the councils notice a music licence had not been granted for the place. After Alf left a Transvestite took over the pub.. that had to be 85/86. The pub did well for a time as the landlord was a bit of a curiosity.. I don't think Hyde had seen the likes of him running a pub before... the nearest we had was 'Aunty Eric' selling his dolls and such like on the market. I think it was mid 87 when the doors of the pub shut for the last time and Hyde lost another pub. I was running the Royal Albert at the time it shut and some of it's dinner time customers came over to the Albert.


Jean said...

Way back in the early 6o's me and my friend Jackie used to drink in The Railway {underage} her brother Barry used to play in a group that practiced there, the group was called The Hobo's.

Remember Auntie Eric when he lived on Keswick Ave another character that has hit the dust.

This sight stirs a lot of memories. Thanks for them.

Graham Boote said...

Hi Tom and the crew,

Not sure if my memory is playing tricks on me…….but!

I used to play for the Railway pool team after the National Reserve club at the bottom of Ridling Lane close down. Several of us went there and we played in the Hyde Pool League on a Monday night.

I am almost certain that the landlord at the time often used to frock up for a Friday night, and was a local oddity at the time. I also seem to remember that he had a really attractive daughter who sometimes used to talk to us in the pool room, which was the door on the right of the pub. Most of the time though, she was fairly aloof. Most women I met around those times most often were…..

My point though is this. I am sure that this was around 1980 – 1981….more like 1981. Not sure though, as time does play tricks on my memory.

Was the landlord called Brian???? That name rings a bell for some reason.

Anyhow, love the site and keep up the good work.


Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

it is now One-Off Engineering

Phil Hogan said...

The railway was renamed "The Ten Houses" and it was run by Transvestite Harry Bedoes and his wife Brenda in the late 80s probably 85-90, I used to work there as a bar cellar man and they were a very kind couple.when they left they moved to The Great Eastern in Ipswich and i went with them for a while with accomodation and a job before i moved back to Hyde.

Anonymous said...

it was open in 1990 as i met my now ex husband there ! so im sorry but it never closed down in the 80's