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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Hyde "Grand Prix" Cycle Race

Here we have some photos of Hydes "Grand Prix" Cycle Race taken in 1952.
I have to admit that I know nothing of this race and hope someone can fill in some history on it, in particular, who won that year and who presented the trophy.

Corner of Mottram Road and Lumn Road. Brook Street is in the background ,to the left.

The same view in 2010
Same view today courtesy of Google maps.

Just turning up the corner of Lumn Road from Mottram Road. The Co-op building is to the right of the picture.I love the cobbled road although I bet it wasn't very comfortable to cycle over !!

...and we have a winner...!!


The winner is presented with the cup !!

Fantastic photos loaned to us by Tony Downend and taken by his Father.
Thanks very Much Tony, much appreciated ! :)


ian... said...


Anonymous said...

These are great!

Tom said...

Ian, Anon, thank you.... as soon as we get any more information we will up date the post.. hopefully Nancy might have a lead on this .. but if awaiting someone to get back to her. In the mean time any information is welcome.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love these photos, as I'm from down Brook St.

It's amazing to see it 'unspoilt'. :)

Can anyone tell where the finish line is?
It looks like it's further along Mottram Rd, but I can't really tell.

The guy looking over the phonebox makes me smile, and it looks as though they didn't have enough chalk, (or not enough time) to put the 'H' on the end of 'FINISH'. lol