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Sunday, 4 December 2011

View of Hattersley

Here's a nice shot of Hattersley as seen from Werneth Low. 


Mottram church can be seen middle/top of the photograph. 
It's such a beautiful area.

Thanks to John Hopwood for the photo ! 

All but one of the Tower blocks were demolished around ten years ago.  Waterside, Underwood, Hattersley,Chapman, Sandybank, Fields and Honiton Courts were built in the early 1960's . The 14 storey building were 110 ft high so, after demolition, the difference to the landscape was major!
Tameside Court is the only one now remaining. 

The following is taken from an Advertiser article published in 2003...

Farms lose out to vast housing estate

"THE swinging sixties saw great changes in the physical appearance of the towns of Tameside.
At Hattersley, the farms and scattered cottages gave place to a vast estate to house Manchester's overspill.
Hyde's boundaries were extended to include the area, although all the costs were met by Manchester. Building began early in the sixties and the first families moved onto the estate in May 1963.
They were welcomed by the Mayor of Hyde and received free milk and sausages from Wall's factory at Godley.
By August 1964 there were 4,000 people in Hattersley, served by just one doctor !!"


Mottram Church

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Tom said...

Nice picture of John's ... I still can't look at Hattersley without thinking of the loss of all that farm land and country side... as for Mottram Church it's been a favourite place of mine for years.. the grave yard is full of history and some really unique headstones and monuments... I like standing there looking back towards the low, another great place to take in the local views.