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Monday, 5 December 2011

Old Isaac's or Cloughfold Farm


Clough Fold Farm


Old Isaac's
On the Cheshire Tithe map of 1836-51 the area is shown as 'Old Isaac's', alas I've not been able to find out any more about the name or if a man called Isaac once lived there.. the date stone below might hold the answer. The area was owned by  Thomas Howard according to the plot details, but the farm was occupied by a Betty Clough, maybe this is when the farm became came known as Clough Fold Farm.
Whilst looking at the Tithe map I checked out some of the plot names which I found interesting.

 Old Isaac’s, 14 Perches. Described as a Garden
Ben Meadow, 1 acre 2 rods and 37 perches. Described as a Meadow
Ben Croft, 25 perches. Described as a Orchard
Cow Lane Field, 4 acre’s 3 rods 31 perches.Described as a Pasture
Butty Meadow, 1 acre’s 2rod’s 10 perches. Described as a Meadow


The Ordnance Survey map of 1910 now shows the area named as Cloughfold Farm.  My dad and my grandfather before him had a series of allotments on land belonging to Cloughfold farm. Eventually this land and more like it was sold for development. I have very fond memories of how the allotments looked and the comradeship of the men who worked them.. Dads had it's own well which was well used by all the allotments until a standpipe was made available.


The map now shows a modern view of the area and the development of housing, The 'Clough' name still lives on in the road Clough Fold Road.. and the farm is still standing in the same place but was rebuilt in 1905 after a fire.


The date stone shows this building dates back to 1717, and was indeed rebuilt in 1905... what is interesting is the initials I. A. Could this be the Old Isaac's initials, and if so could the A be for Ashton.... The Ashton's have farmed in Werneth and Gerrards and hereabouts for donkeys years.. and if it was the Ashton's maybe the plots named Ben Meadow and Ben Croft are named after an Ashton also, as Benjamin was a family name that shows up in future generations.

I am more than pleased to be able to show this post today as I thought the farm building had been demolished around the time Clough Fold Road was built. I have to thank our Dave for the pictures and for bringing back so many memories of happy times spent in this area in the early 1960s. Cheer Dave


Dave Williams said...

You could be right about the Ashtons, Tom.
The History of Hyde says:
"The Ashtons have lived within what is now the borough of Hyde since the days of Queen Elizabeth (note: the book was published in 1932, and at that time she was the only Queen Elizabeth to have reigned and was thus not known as 'the First'). The name of Ashton is mentioned in the Stockport Parish Register as early as the sixteenth century, at which time the family were yeomen, and farmed land in Werneth."
About Clough Fold Farm it says:
"A path from Thornley Fold led across the valley to Clough Fold, formerly known as 'Old Isaacs.' The bulk of the old Clough Fold Farm buildings have been pulled down, but in the gable of the present building is the old lintel stone inscribed: 'B...I.A....1717',"

Hydonian said...

I also thought that the farm had been demolished years ago !

Great post, Tom !

Tom said...

When Dave told me about the building still being there I was on google earth to check it out... we have Dave to thank for this post really.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any further information that the original building was destroyed by a fire? Or any other historical information about the farm?