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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Lodge Lane - 100 years

Here is a postcard looking up Lodge Lane.
It it from approximately 1910 and looks very quiet as most streets were then.
I like the cobbled street and the fact that there was a regular supply of horse manure for the garden to be had! I bet their roses were second to none !

Approx 1910

Approx 2010

It's nice to see that the shop has survived. Far too many of these have been lost to the superstores over the years as transport means we can get all our shopping at once now as it is all under the same roof....


Deslilas said...

I've just found your address on one of my previous blog.
Nice to see you're still blogging and so interesting.
Daniel from Radonvilliers

Dave Williams said...

When you see these old photos there's always someone standing in the road looking at the camera. I know there's never any traffic about, but why did they do that? I can think of one reason why they would do it, but the lady in this photo isn't even carrying a bucket.......

Tom said...

Excellent comparison shots.. the shop seems to do very well which as Nancy says is nice to see.