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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hyde Hall Farm

 As this blog relies largely on people's generosity in sharing memories and photos we are happy to show these which were sent to us by Annette Hetherington.
Also Annette has sent an appeal to her cousin Bill Crompton who she would dearly love to be back in contact with...

"Dear Nancy, Tom, Dave and Paul,
       Hyde Hall Farm used to stand at the bottom of Mill Lane. Our extended family all lived there with our grandparents Mary and Arthur Crompton until about 1958 when it was compulsorily purchased by the council and demolished to become a campsite for travellers. I am sure the children of the travellers will have had as great a time as we and the other local children did.

I was surprised and delighted to see that you had a contribution on your buses page on the 21st October from my cousin Bill Crompton (who also lived on the farm). My sister Carol and I have lost contact with Billy and would be delighted if you could pass on my email so that he can let us know where he is and what he's up to..." 

Thanks so much for sharing your memories with us, Annette !

So Bill, if you're reading this and would like to drop us a line, we can pass Annettes email address onto you. :)


Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz here, Bill Crompton lives in Spain and he and I are in regular contact. Please give Annette my email address, which is barry1417@gmail.com and get her to contact me and I will give her Bills email address.

Hydonian said...

Thanks so much,Barry !
Annette will be thrilled :)

Tom said...

Great post Nancy... love the picture of the old hall.. .

Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz, just received email from Annette, passed it on to Bill who is looking forward to getting in touch with his cousins again.

Tom said...

Fantastic news... we are always pleased to be able to help out like this.... and thank you as well Barry.

Hydonian said...

That's fabulous. Thanks so much, Barry :)

Anonymous said...

I lived top of mill lane near the infamous Smiths bone yard and played football on Bobs Field which was next to the farm for many years. I used to go scrumping ( nicking pears) from the Cromptom Farm as a lad and was often caught up a tree by farmer Compton only to have my pants dusted. It was a lovely little farm. Was it was the same Annette who went to Stockport Art school with me years later ...a heart throb for most of the hairy young layabout students ?

Trevor Leech