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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Some Memories of Newton from 60 years ago

This  post is made possible by Tony who sent us the following photos and memories.

Tony writes...

"I hope the attached pics are of interest for the blog: The George & Dragon, Newton and (I remember as a child) "Mr Timperley" the  green grocer, the large hessian sacks full of vegetables and the brass scales by the double doors.  Inside was all white washed and the doors were (can just remember) always fully open.  The steel loading beam above was for a once stables perhaps?

A group of locals by the war Memorial in 1952
The War Memorial in 2012

Looking up Bennett Street towards the George & Dragon with Mr Timperleys shop on the right. 1952

The same view 2012.
Note the steel beam is still there !

 The new looking motorbike is a BSA A10 Golden Flash 650cc.  It's ridged back end dates it circa 1949-1952 although as the pic was taken in 1952 I guess that's the year of the bike.  But who is  the proud owner I wonder?
The front of the George & Dragon. 2012.
 View looking down Bennett Street in 1952
Same view 2012

Many Thanks for sharing these fabulous photos, Tony !


Anonymous said...

There is a shop at the end of the row of houses behind the men at the war memorial. I the 50's it was run by "Saran"(Sarah Ann" Eastwood. I remember as children, living in Newton at the time, we were fascinated by the strangely titled MAN (Sir Ann Eastwood) who ran the shop and would linger hoping to catch a glimpse of him.
The other fame of the George and Dragon square was that is was the meeting placed for Whit Walks of Newton churches after they had taken part in the service on Hyde Market.
Dave Davies ex Hyde Junction (Beeley's Gardens)

Dave Williams said...

Nice photos and very effective comparison shots too. I notice that (like me) you weren't brave enough to stand in the middle of the road for the up-to-date photo of Bennett Street though! That sort of thing was so much easier to do in safety sixty years ago.

Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz here, memories, memories. I used to walk down Bennett street every day on my way to Floweryfield Secondary school from 1957 - 1961. Funnily enough I was at an Army Reunion on the North Coast of New South Wales last year, staying in a lovely fishing village Pub and met a Pub singer who was playing at tyhe time who came from Bennett Street.

Hydonian said...

I was born on Bennett Street :)

Suzanne said...

Just wondering where Tony got the photos from? The photo of the 'locals' has my grandad on the end it would be great to get some more information.
Many Thanks

Tom said...

Hi Suzanne
I can not recall which of the 'Tony's sent this in... hopefully he will see this and get in touch. Keep popping back and see if there's an update.