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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Chas. C. Minister

Update of original post dated 2nd May 2011

We were contacted in 2011 about the above bottle.. by an E. Minister
I have a stone pot/container that was a present from a friend - it was found by chance at an antique fair near to Preston. The name on it Charles C Minister, who is a family member going back to the early 1900's. I would be so grateful if you could put the picture on your 'site' and hopefully I could get to know more about its history. Thank you
At that time it drew many comments and all the team spent time trying to come up with an answer, but we could not come up with anything back then... today however one of our readers and contributors to the site 'Jeffrey Stafford' as come up trumps for us.

Regarding your contributors inquires about the Minister Brewery in Gee Cross. The brewery of Charles Crispin Minister of Gee Cross was established in 1892 after the death of his father in law, William Ball, who established his brewery in Booth Street, Hyde, in 1890. 
Charles Crispin Minister was born in Haddicoe, Norfolk, in 1868. The family left Haddiscoe for Hyde in 1877, and set up home at 7 Travis Street. He married Elizabeth Ann Ball, the daughter of William and Ann Ball, at Stockport in August 1891. William Ball died in 1892, and after his death Charles Crispin Minister set up a brewery of his own at 14 John Street, Gee Cross. The brewery continued making beer and herbal medicin until around the outbreak of the First World War. Charles Crispin Minister died in 1955, aged 88 years in Ipswich, Suffolk. Elizabeth Ann Minister died in 1957, age 86 years, at Burton on Trent, Staffordshire. It is no use looking for John Street, Gee Cross on any modern day map, the former John Street is now named Rock Street.
Jeffrey Stafford
 Further update:  Minister set up a small brewery at 12 John Street in 1890, then expanded after his father-in-law's death taking over larger premises at no 14 John Street.

So pleased we have been able to fill in this little bit of history, even if it as taken us a while... thanks to Jeffrey and everyone else who helped with this request.

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Anonymous said...

Rock street
There was a family called Minister lived in the big House halfway up
David,1962/ Susan 1958/There Father was a Magician