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Monday, 26 March 2012

Carpet Gallery

We are always requesting your help with pictures and memories and are very grateful when we check the emails and find such pictures as we have to you today. Below is the content of one such email we received this week.
In answer to your request for photos I am sending you two with a little explanation. My father (Paul Higginbottom) was given the lease in 1978 to the local authority owned shop (2 Clarendon Street) by Mr. Showman who ran the shop as a gents outfitters.
The first photo taken in May 1982 shows what it would have looked like from 1978.
The second photo also taken in May 1982 shows what it looked like until 1984 when my Dad having bought the shop in about 1980 from the local authority, sold it to someone else who opened it then as chip shop.


I certainly recall the shop.. as much for the colour schemes as anything else... I also recall that sometime in the early 1970's.. 73-74 I got my first pair of Levi Jeans from this building. I'm sure they were £3.00 and the Jacket was dearer at £3.50..   


Hydonian said...

I'd forgotten all about this shop but the memories flooded back as soon as I saw the photos !
Thanks for sharing,Paul ! :)

westarsteve said...

i think when it turned into a chippy it was called the bosuns rest or something like that