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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Oaklands Hall


Oaklands Hall, situated in Godley, was built in 1838 as a residence for local business men and was once occupied by Daniel Adamson – an engineer, involved with the digging and opening of the Manchester Ship Canal.

The 1881 Census shows the property was occupied by Deane Stanley, who ran his father’s Turkish Towel business in Gas Street, Hyde. He was married to Flora, who is believed to be their resident ghost. There are occasional sightings of Flora, when she is regarded as a being friendly and to be a good omen.

Deane Stanley was also a mining engineer. Unfortunately, he was reputed not to have a good head for business and he eventually lost his fortune. He died in 1894 after falling of a horse, whilst working in the South African Transvaal.

Oaklands Hall was purchased in October 1924, for use as a Masonic Hall. The building is now run by Oaklands Masonic Club.


 Oaklands Hall is now a place for Weddings and Celebration parties and  is also an approved venue for Civil Marriages.


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john taylor said...

I lived there from 1959 to 1967. Great memories wonderful home.

I never saw "Flora" though but did catch a glimpse of the "Spectral Hound of Godley Green" one evening walking up Green Lane to Brierley's farm..