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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hyde Co-op Horse Brass

The recent post about the Hyde Cooperative Society, in particular the photograph  of the horses drawing the laundry carts caused me to think about these items I have in my possession. These two horse brasses were left to me by my surrogate grandparents who lived in one if the cottages on Railway Street.


As a small child in the early 1960's, I lived next door to them. John 'Jack' Braddock, one half of that wonderful couple, a Croix de Guerre holder from the First War, worked with the Co-op Horses for many years up until their demise. The stables were situated at the rear of the Railway Street cottages (I don't know if there were others elsewhere) in what I knew as the 'Co-op Yard'. The only access being through large iron gates situated next to where the Spiritualist Church now stands on Great Norbury Street. These brasses were presented to him in recognition of the regard and consideration he had for his charges.

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Hydonian said...

It's strange but up until yesterday I had never seen one of these awards before. My neighbour also has one that used to belong to Raymond Martin the Farmer from Fern Bank Farm.
I'll try to get a photo of it.