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Friday, 23 March 2012

Hyde Town Hall Disco

For people of a certain age, the Town Hall Disco was an important event. Usually on a Thursday night, it was a place to go with friends where you could hopefully attract the attention of someone you fancied.
The girls usually sat to the left and the boys to the right of the stage - don't ask me why! :)


These self same people may be pleased to see that there is a now Soul Night at the Town Hall every month . A chance to relive your youth :)
Be there or be square ....  and remember to bring your handbag to dance around !!



Anonymous said...

The Town Hall Disco ? Never happened in my day, in the 60s it was the Astoria. Barry in Oz

Anonymous said...

It was the 1970's, Barry !! :)

Rock Ape said...

Barry in oz,sure that wasn't the 1860's!!!!

Tom said...

Ah! Thursda night disco at Hyde Town Hall in the 1970's
50p to get in... a stamp on your hand if you went out and wanted to get back in again. The D.J. was called Steve James. Hattersley lads could dance ... we could or wouldn't and still can't or won't .. ha! Before the disco me and Tony Collins (T.C.) would make for Stowells Corner on Dowson Road..... we buy 2 bottles of 'Old English' Cider, and a bottle of Q.C. Sherry... drink half a bottle of cider each, then top the bottle up with the sherry.... no wonder my hearts bad now.... ha! and to think they are only now talking of binge drinking....
After the disco it was a trip to Kongs Chippy.. which I'm happy to see is still going. Friday mornings were always quiet at Greenfield Street as I'm sure most had hang-overs... I think the only lad from Hyde who could and would dance was Roy Wibberley... in fact it was hard getting him to stop dancing at times... but that's another story... :O)

Jean said...

I agree with Barry The Astoria was def the 60's.
Who remembers The Meteors,{led by Derek Fitton} The Vipers{including Mick Tollet} and a band who's lead singer was Terry Memory.

Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely the 1960s for the Astoria, The Meteors and Derek Fitton (A Floweryfield Secondary school lad). Some of the stupid ones would go just to have a scrap with the Bouncers. I was last in there in 1964 before I left to join the RAF, never to return to live in Hyde. Barry in Oz.

Anonymous said...

I remember going to the town hall dance early 70s christmas time to see the pop group the mersey squares from stockport lead singer was pete dargan who i worked in engineering at stockport great place to go. Barry

Anonymous said...

I went to the Town Hall disco when I should have been at Guides. My dad came and got me out! Never lived it down.