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Friday, 9 March 2012

Market Square (Artists Impression)


Thank's to Susan Jaleel for sending in this artist's impression of the town centre after redevelopment - which was on the front of the 1961/62 Official Guide.  Susan wonders how it will compare with what's in store for the new look 50 years on!


Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

The 60s look seems very dated - the present market is a bit cluttered and it looks as if the new market will be good - the main thing is that there will still be a viable number of market stalls (unlike the dead now Denton) and the fact they are doing it in two stages so the market never actually closes (barring further visits from Griffin's ghouls) augers well. I hope the large trees will be retained. The rather useless "Crown Pole" won't be missed. Also I hope the new benches will be in keeping - the old wooden benches were well past their best.

Werneth Low said...

With the rather useless crown pole I would put the very useless and extremely ugly seal from the town hall front. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud to have been a member of Hyde Seal Swimming Club in my youth and was a great follower of the water polo team, but the sculpture is almost insulting. A blue plaque on the site of Hyde Baths would have been more appropriate I think, and certainly a lot cheaper. The biggest fans of the seal are probably the pigeons!

Tom said...

I have to say that I like the 'Crown Pole' and love the 'Seal' . I'd rather the Seal, and the Chartist statue were better placed... where they could be safer to walk around and admire... I'd like to see the Town Map making a come back on the Market Square... I used to really enjoy pressing the buttons and seeing the map light up.

ilscuro said...

I second the return of the town map, as a child i used to love pressing those buttons and seeing it light up.