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Monday, 19 March 2012

Family Pictures

We had a nice email the other day from Joyce Jones, who told us how much she enjoys our site, especially the photos. Joyce’s brother Neil Howarth has donated photo's and memories in the past,  so Joyce has kindly followed suit and sent in the two pictures below. 


Joyce and her brothers Ian and Brian near the Cenotaph on Werneth Lowe, with their mum.  1955


Whit-Sunday gathering for Hyde Chapel, meeting outside Enfield  Street Infant school. Joyce thinks the year is circa 1962, going by the car and the colour of the bus stop I think Dave stands a good chance of coming a bit nearer to the date... I'm for later on this one. 

Thank you Joyce for sending these in... it's a pleasure seeing such pictures being sent in... I've always liked looking at 'family pictures' and the one where you are all on The Low is such a nice picture, and I'm sure I remember that bench or one's like it.


Joyce as been back in touch and as amended the date of the bottom picture to 1970, the 1960 date was a mistake.... the young lad under the flowers who is holding the banner is Philip, Joyce' youngest brother.. he was born in 1962 and was eight when this picture was taken... thank you for the update Joyce. 
Philip thinks it's 1974....
I'm not getting involved lol


Dave Williams said...

I can't really see enough of the car to try to identify it and I don't recall ever seeing a bus stop post that colour. The only thing I can say, looking at the clothing and hairstyles of the youngsters, is that the photo has much more of a late 1960s or even early 1970s feel to it.

Anonymous said...

personally it looks like an early japanese car to me possibly a datsun or colt so early seventies sounds about right to me.could the orange post be something to do with gmpte ?

Tom said...

I'm not sure of the car myself... but the bus stop being orange leads me to think of the Selnec buses.. I had a quick 'google' and came up with the following.

"The SELNEC PTE was officially formed in terms of its vehicle operations on 1st November 1969, and inherited the Bus Fleets from 11 constituent City and Town Councils being Manchester, Salford, Oldham, Ashton, SHMD (Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley and Dukinfield), Stockport, Rochdale, Bury, Bolton, Ramsbottom and Leigh, totalling 2,514 buses"

Anonymous said...

Knowing one of the lads and going by his age now I'd say that it's between 1968-70 :)

Philip Howarth said...

I am the boy on the left as you look at the photo carrying the banner. The boy to the right of me is Andrew Parker, the young boy to his left the photos right looking directly in to the camera is Martin Parker. Andrew and myself were about 12 yeas old and Martin was around 5. As we were both born in 1962 I can confidently say this was taken in 1974.
Philip Howarth.

Mo said...
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Hydonian said...

Thanks for clearing it up for us, Philip.
You look lovely,BTW :)