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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Pictures From Dorothy Bell


Union St Sunday School -Whit Sunday 22nd May 1959


Class 4 1960  Teacher on right is Mr Renwick, he was very strict.


 Daisyfield Sunday School Pantomimes. Probably 1936.


Daisyfield Sunday School Pantomimes. Probably 1936



Daisyfield Church Brigade 1934-1936 not sure of the year.


Union St Whitwalks 1957 taken near Hyde Town Hall.

Thank you to Dorothy for these great pictures, and making this post possible.. These are just the kind of pictures we like to feature more on the site. We can show the roads and buildings, pubs and churches and so on, I just find that the personal pictures are a unique view of the towns peoples  past. The sad thing is it is pictures such as these that tend not to survive. Please, if you have such pictures get them scanned and send them in... or get in touch with us if you need help in getting them copied, I'm sure we could help out.


Dave Williams said...

I notice that the White Lion and the top of the tram/bus shelter are visible in the last picture, together with the corner of the HSBC (was it the Midland then?) Bank. The other buildings in the background are long gone.

JohnT said...

Apart from the Hippodrome roof. The vents are still there but somewhat reduced. Remember the cigarette smoke? It's nick name was 'Stany's' see attached link. http://www.rhodesfamily.org.uk/stansfield/close.htm
Did it have 'Fleapit' as another nick name?
Did it also have double seats on the back row for courting couples?

Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz, It was always known as 'The Stannies' to my generation. The little sweet and ciggie shop next door was always a place where you could get a 'joystick' cigarette which was about 12 inches long. It was also known to some as 'The Fleapit'.

Jeff Stafford said...

The Queen's on Manchester Road was the fleapit, followed by the Alexander on Corporation Street. Next was the Scala(Astoria) to the uninformed, then came Stannies, then the Theatre Royal. The Ritz was at the top of the heap, you could go in at 1.30 in the afternoon and stay while the National Anthem got played, but by that time the place had emptied.

Jeffrey Stafford said...

Forgot to mention, the little shop next to the 'Stannies' at the top of the arcade next to Fielding's was 'Hett's'.