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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Walls Remembered

From the Hyde Official Guide, about 1965


The extract from the guide reads:-
"Renowned through the country for its sausages, bacon, pies, hams and canned meats is the firm of T.WALL & SONS (MEAT & HANDY FOODS) LTD.  Starting in 1786 in a small shop in London's Jermyn Street the business grew steadily and by 1939 its trade covered the whole of southern England. Since 1854 it has expanded to cover the rest of the country and in this the Hyde factory plays an important part. Wall's hold the largest single share of the branded sausage market and Royal Warrants have been held for most of the reigns of monarchs since the 18th century. Future plans include the extension to the factory at Hyde to give still further coverage in Northern England."

The Administration Buildings


Our friend Marjorie Robinson made this post possible, which we thank her for. 

Marjorie mentioned that some of her school friends had part-time jobs at Wall's in the summer holidays. They told her they'd never eat a walls pie again... ha!  This reminded me of a school trip to Walls from Greenfield Street School... we were led around different bays and one or two lads started to feel ill... by the time we had got to the black pudding making section they was a rush for the doors. I can still see one of the workers laughing and waving a black pudding about. Needless to say Black Pudding were given a wide berth.

Please add your comments and memory's of Walls and the products... I'm sure many of you will have some. 


Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz. My first job after leaving school, as a Van Lad at Walls, driving round Manchester City Centre delivering Bacon. I did it for 12 months then got a job as a Trainees Chef in the Canteen. By the way, on the second photo the small square building at the front was the canteen and the large building behind it was the Admin block. I never forget the sight of a dozen slaughtermen chasing a Boar down the main road and through the train tunnel that had escaped from the slaughter house.

Anonymous said...

I worked at Walls for a few years in the eighties, happy memories

Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz. Lost your email. Go on ancestry and click on to family trees. Put in the name of your relative from Staffordshire, and look for the family trees of the Redford family, the Winter family, and Margaret Rogers. I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Barry in Oz here, email address is barry1417@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Barry in Oz again (sorry). I am no longer a member of Ancestry, please contact by email at

Rock ape said...

Anyone remember giving the walls HGV drivers the 'W' sign,placing both your thumbs together to make your hands into a 'W'....or was that just me!?

Anonymous said...

Rock Ape,Re W sign,
/05/walls-ice-cream-lorry.html Dave Hamilton.

Trish said...

I worked the evening shifts at Walls 1973-1977 when my daughters were little. I was on the last minute sometimes clocking on as I had to wait for my husband getting home from work to mind the girls, and there were loads of stairs to climb up to the sausage dept where I worked, we linked the sausages and put them on hooks to go round the corner to be packed, you knew they were getting in trouble round the packing side when the sausages came back round again on the hooks, that was a cue for me to go give them a hand packing! I also worked a while in the bacon dept. You earned your money at Walls, but I have never minded hard work and that four hour shift flew by. But I never ate Walls sausage or bacon again!

Rock Ape said...

Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I wonder if you could please help me. I'm looking for someone who worked in the factory in the late 1970's. He was of black Carribean origin His name is Guy/Guyton. I dont have a surname sorry. Any information would be a great help. This would make my sister in laws day if you could find out any information. Thank you .

Fay Greenaway

Hydonian said...

If anyone can help Fay in the quest above, please contact us at the blog and we will put you in touch with Fay.


Paul W said...

Dose anyone remeber my brother Gordon Worthington worked there in the 70 's he got killed on a motor bike ?

PieAir said...

I started out as a relief salesman in 1984. Became senior salesman (because nobody else wanted to) and worked the vans for five years or so. when central delivery came along and the smaller customers were dropped I went into the factory working in the newly developed ready meals plant (meals for Tesco). Finally ended up as an accountant and hitched my pants up and left when Kerry Foods took over. Best days of my working life :) Peter

johnnie322 said...

Hi my father,Donald Southwell was the General Manager of the Walls meat factory at Godley,Hyde.
Don was the southern area sales manager for Walls ice cream and was based in Croydon.
He was promoted to take over the Hyde factory in 1955, eventually being made redundant in 1971.

Anonymous said...

I worked days on sausage I'm looking for saeed who used to be my floor manager he's since moved to America which is harder to find him did you know him he worked same time as johnny jonson thanks

Anonymous said...

My name is cheryl I'm looking for saeed akthar who worked on sausage floor in 1977/1978.I know he moved to America but does anybody know how I can find him he will be around 70plus now so I'm running out of time any help would be spook aprecated thank you

Skotty said...

My name is Jim Platt, I worked in meat prep from 1962 - 1966. Boning out mutton and pork. My manager at the time was Mr Hanrahan, my uncle Eli Storah was superviser in the loading bay. After leaving Walls I went to live in Denmark and carried on working in the meat industry until I went onto pension in 2009.

Graham B said...

Hi, My name is Graham, I worked at Wall's from 1969 - 1996, I started of as a trainee boner, Vic Howard was my first trainer, I was learning to bone out mutton, I eventually moved over to the "Link Building", Harry Shaw was my trainer, l learned to bone out legs, middles, shoulders, heads, I eventually ended up on the Middles line.
When I was 21 I joined the QC Department, Gerald Bourne was my boss, I worked on QC for approximately 18 years, I worked in Ready Meals for a while and left in 1996 when Kerry Foods took over.
I remember Eli Storah on Despatch, I also remember the girls on the Sausage Floor linking the sausages, eventually this stopped as they moved over to synthetic casings. Happy Days.