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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A glimpse of old Newton

 Another photo and memory from Tony !

"Here is a photo of George Beswick, who was a green grocer. He had a horse and cart and a loud call telling half a street away of his imminent arrival. His place was on Old Road, Newton and the picture of him,  standing, with who I know not, was taken on the corner of Old Rd/Lodge Lane/Park Road...the shop took [my] ration coupons for toffees!." 

George Beswick circa 1952

As it looks today.2012

It's so sad how many of these old shops have now been turned into houses.

Thanks, as always, Tony ! :)


Tom said...

Excellent pictures .. I never realised a shop had been there, I bet it did well with all the housing around there and passing trade from the mill...

Hydonian said...

I can remember the shop quite clearly. There was also a butchers shop slightly further up on Old Road.

Grant said...

I remember this shop I think it was known as Egertons, when I was younger anyway, not sure if the spelling of that is right.
Then further up Old road there was another shop on the corner of a cut through to Lodge Lane, same row as John Holmes butchers shop. Just up from the White Hart pub there was a Greengrocers shop, funnily enough run by Mrs Beswick.

Grant said...

Just remembered, the shop on the corner of the cut through to Lodge Lane was run by a Mr Ward (think his first name was Sid)

Tom said...

Cheers Grant... I seem to recall that shop and the butchers.... but not this one.

Bill crompton said...

Just round the corner was a shop or booking agents for coaches,used to get the bus there to go to the Football matches in Manchester,about 5 shillings I think.

Rachel said...

Hi there, a few years late to this post... The buthchers shop was Egerton's and your spelling is spot on - it was my Grandparent's shop. I have a few memories of it from when I was a child, before my Grandparents retired and turned the shop into part of the house, but I don't have any photo's of it from when it was the shop. If anyone has any I would absolutely love to see them! Thanks.