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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Market Place views

 Here is a fine postcard  by F. W. Smith of Newton, Hyde showing Market Place,with Brownsons store (later Woolworths store) on the left. The Albion pub is next door to the store.The Queens Pub is just visible in the distance.
I'm unsure of the date so any help with this would be welcomed.


Almost the same view from the 1960's.
Brownsons had become Woolworths. You can see the tower in the middle of the postcard.
The White Lion pub is on the extreme left.

The view today courtesy of Google street view.


Dave Williams said...

There's not much to go on in dating the first picture. The tram tracks are there so that dates it at later than (I think) 1905 and F.W. Smith of Newton isn't in the 1914 Kelly's Directory which would appear to make it after that date. I'm not all that well up in ladies' fashion, but I think they tended to wear longer skirts than those shown in the picture until after the First World War, so I'd say it was sometime in the 1920s.

Hyde Lad said...

F.W.Smith were prolific in producing postcards mainly from around 1906 to 1910, as Dave says I also can't find them in any directories. The only other clue is that Cooke Brothers grocers and Brownsons's clothes shop appear together from around 1910 to 1914.
So the picture must date from around 1910 give or take a year or two.

Trish said...

What a great old picture of Hyde, the shops look so vibrant and full of character. Hyde just seemed like an amazing place in these old photos, how times have changed and not for the better! I agree with Hyde Lad, I would put the date on this photo somewhere around the 1910 mark.

Tom said...

I'd have liked to have walked this town when it was in it's heyday...

John Taylor said...

In the photo from the '60's to the right of the Ford Zodiac Mk11 (directly opposite Woolworths) was Cable shoes where I started work in 1960 after having left Greenfield st school at age 14.

Would love a pic of this shoe shop right on the corner if anyone has one please post. I used to dress all 7 windows amongst my other duties there. Great memories. Thanks.