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Friday, 13 April 2012

More from Barry Lewis

More memories and photo's from Barry Lewis


Jim Bond ( centre rear) who owned the chippy at 156 Talbot Rd in the early 30s.  His son Gilbert rear left, and daughter Doris, both attended St Mary;s school in 1929-33.


 Barry's Dad Bill in his SHMD conductors uniform circa 1948


Barry's Dad and his Mother Ellen taken at the Chippy in the 30s


Barry and Josie Lee were both students at St Mary’s in the 50s , shown here meeting up again for the first time in over 50 years in Sydney, Australia.  Josie had been living 30ks from Barry for 35 years and they never knew.

Cheers Barry.. 


Jeffrey Stafford. said...

I would just like to say a word about the comments on yesterdays blog.I am not a photograph buff but my brother David loves old pictures of Hyde, whereas I would rather read something about Hyde and its past, but there is enough room for both. I don't visit the blog every day, and up until the interest in the Werneth Low Quarry Murder, I had never even visited the blog. But it is a superb site for those who have long left Hyde, and for those of us who still reside here. I understand where Mr.D.T. is coming from with the Gorillas, but what's wrong with a little humour now and again.

Jeffrey Stafford.

Bill Lancashire said...

I completely agree. Remember this is the Hydonian Blogspot. Not the Hydonian History site or the Hydonian Nostalgia site. It's a site where there can be anything about Hyde - past or present. Historical memories are brilliant, but there's always room for some event, place or person from the present; or for some quirky local picture that might bring a smile to the reader's face - if not everyone's.

Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz again, Exotic animals in Hyde is not uncommon. One of the great Hydonian characters, Harry Lever, used to work at Belle View in the 50s and often could be seen riding his bicycle around Hyde with a colourful parrot on the handlebars or his shoulder. There is a photograph of this in one of Barbara Coles books on Hyde. He was also known to have walked around Hyde with a Cheetah on a lead.