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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Isobel Garbett and her Motorbike

Isobel Garbett


With ref to the photo of Bill Cromptons grandfather on a motorbike, circa first world war, I am sending you a photo of my great aunt Isobel Garbett on her New Hudson motorbike, picture taken outside her home 269 Manchester Road, Hyde. The love of bikes must be in the family  because when I was aged about one I am pictured on a Royal Enfield with my mum and dad.  I ride a bike now, though nothing near as grand! I only have a Vespa scooter, but I love it, I love the freedom and the fresh air. Regards
Trish Mullineaux

Thank you Trish, for sharing these pictures... Your great Aunt must have been quite a lady... I really like to see pictures such as this thank you for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Was she any relation to the Garbetts who owned a shoe shop on the corner of Manchester Rd and Newton St? My mother always took me there for shoes.

Dave Williams said...

If you go along Manchester Road towards Denton there's a pair of houses then a newer bungalow on the left-hand side just before you get to the river bridge which forms the boundary between Hyde and Denton. The second of the pair of houses is numbered 269, but the tops of the bay windows look different on Google Earth and I don't think that's a door behind that bush on the left-hand side of the photo. Perhaps Manchester Road has been renumbered since the First World War.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible she is outside 269 and the house beyond her has now been replaced with the bungalow ? Though why would you would pull down such a fine house ?