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May 2015
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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Nobby's Products


Can anyone throw some light on this?

This postcard is on ebay.. I've never heard of Nobby's Products before and 'The Factory' got me... as there must have been many in Hyde when this was posted... If you know your stamps can you put  date to this?  which factory was the 'FACTORY' and who was 'NOBBY'

Undated to show the reverse side.


This still has a few hours left on Ebay


Dave Williams said...

It's from the reign of King George V (1920 to 1936) and that particular stamp was issued between 1912 and 1924, although it could no doubt have been used after the latter date.

Werneth Low said...

I've looked at the postcard on eBay and wish you'd printed the 2nd side as well Tom. I notice two things really; one that the address shown gives the appearance of having been written either by a word processor or a modern electronic typewriter - so crisp and clear is the print. In contrast, the reverse side shows what I'm certain is a commercially printed message with an additional note above it which has been done on a manual typewriter which obviously needed a good cleaning. The card doesn't appear to have been used postally so I assume the stamp could have been stuck on at any time. Authentically, it doesn't ring true for me.

Hyde Lad said...

Hi, "Nobby's Products" actually existed for a short period around 1934, they were "Maltsters", and were situated on Cheapside, I think at the same site as Charles Creese's brewery.

Bill Lancashire said...

Sorry Dave, probably just a misstype, but King George V reigned from 1910.

Tom said...

Werneth Low
I have up dated he post with the reverse side... I think this is a card the Nobby's had printed... the typed name was added by their own type writer. Very much the stamped addressed envelope of it's day. I think it just never got sent back to them.

Dave Williams said...

You're right Bill, my fingers sometimes don't hit the key I want them to hit! I usually double check what I've typed, but this one was done in a rush this morning before I went out.

Jeffrey Stafford said...

Hyde Lad is correct. Nobby Products Ltd was owned by the the company of the same name at 4 Cannon Street, Manchester. The Cheapside Malt factory was opened in 1932 and closed in 1937. It was just known as the Factory.

David said...

Thanks Jeff
nice work

Werneth Low said...

Well done folks! Thanks Tom - I see it now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie here,I used to walk to school down lumb road then on to Cheapside,and there was an Horlicks works at the bottom,they would give us Horlicks tablets about 1950/4 on our way home from school.Does .any one else remember .

Anonymous said...

hi this was owned by barlova

Hydonian said...

My Mum worked there :)

Dave Williams said...

Barlova featured in the blog a couple of times in 2010.