Picture Of Hyde Grammar School Building
by Brian Thornley
May 2015
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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Photos of a gentler time

The following three photos were sent to us by Bill Crompton.



"Me and my sister sitting in the garden on Bradley Green Rd,about 1955"


"Also, one of my Grandfather Arthur Crompton, First World War.
He was the last resident of Hyde Hall Farm before it was compulsory purchased."

Many thanks, Bill. I will post the rest you sent us over the next couple of days. :)


Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz here, Good ones Bill, I think I can see my old house on the right of the photo. Gee your Mum looked young there eh ? Good times.

Bill crompton said...

Yep,I can see your house.its funny I always remember the sunny days.

Bill crompton said...
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Tom said...

£ stunning pictures Bill... I wonder if we can put a name to the bike... what a great picture that is.

trish said...

hi Tom, I think the bike is a New Hudson, It looks very similar to the bike my great aunt Isobel is riding in a photo I have of her taken outside her house 269 Manchester Road, Broomstair, Hyde. Photo is slightly damaged, but I will try and email it to you. regards Trish Mullineaux

Tom said...

I look forward to seeing it...

Beryl Williams said...

I lived in Frances St West and my friend Janet lived in Read St West. She was mad on horses and used to get money from her mum to buy carrots from Vera's greengrocers on Manchester Rd. We would then go down to Hyde Hall Farm to feed the old horse who pulled the milk float. She would then get the horse brush that was on the window ledge of the stable and spend quite some time brushing the horse whilst I stood around waiting for her to finish. We then went off to play pretend horse riding - me being the horse with a rope round my middle and Janet holding the ends while we raced around Bob's Field -next to the farm. She later ran her own Equestrian Centre and still does.

Tom said...

What a lovely memory to have.. I recall the girls playing horse like that in the 1960s.

Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz. My Dad used to do the Milk round for Mr Crompton on a Saturday morning. I used to go with him as a lad, I really enjoyed it on the horse and cart.