Picture Of Hyde Grammar School Building
by Brian Thornley
May 2015
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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Gone but not forgotten

Here is a view of the much missed Lads Club, which stood on Beeley Street, just prior to its demolition circa 1991.

 photo c92ad015-04ec-4fcc-9d33-6ca4977f3790.jpg

Thanks to Marjorie R. for the loan of the photo.
Much appreciated !  :)


Rock Ape said...


Mr.Danby said...

A historic building that shoud never have been demolished. It was one of the first lock-ups in Hyde after the first two lock-ups were closed.

Werneth Low said...

What's a lock up?

Sean D said...

Rock Ape, I thought the same myself at first but I did have some hair in 1991 and even I didn't have such bad fashion sense. Could be Phil M though.

sharnhorst said...

The old jails in Hyde were called the Hyde Lock-ups. The first Hyde Lock-up was near the Navigation pub, when that closed it was moved to some spare ground behind Platt Street. When the new police station and court moved to Beeley Street, two new lock-ups or cells were built withing the building. If it was a high profile case, the prisoner was taken to Stockport in an horse drawn cab by a constable, later the high profile prisners like-James Bannister, were housed in Strangeways. I thought all you people knew some of the history of the town?

Anonymous said...

@ sharnhorst - some people do know, some people dont - a bit like every other subject really.

Werneth Low said...

Sharnhorst, I'm really grateful for your explanation of what a lock up is, or was. However,there was no need for the sarcasm. I asked a simple question because I wanted to understand your thread. There are people the world over who are steeped in the history of Hyde, from whom I've learnt a great deal and, hopefully, they from me. It gives us great pleasure to share our knowledge.

Mo said...

What interesting history, I love learning about the origin of words and places

Jeff Sherwin said...

I understood Sharnhorst's last sentence to be tongue in cheek.

I do know I got a front tooth knocked out at the Lads Club in the boxing ring.

Tom said...

Many happy evenings spent in the lads club..

I noticed in this week Advertiser that the Multi-Story is being pulled down.. with a big hint at retail development planned. If you get the chance to take any pictures before it goes do so.