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Friday, 26 July 2013

Historical Pageant 1931.

 photo d6b51022-07a2-4240-8850-e13050ba82b2.jpg

As part of the Jubilee celebrations in 1931 Thomas Middleton wrote a script for a pageant which included scenes from Hyde's past introduced by Father Time. This scene seems to be connected with the first section of the pageant which showed the conquest of the Ancient Britons by the Romans.

 photo 37ab4fec-3bfe-4861-9720-ebed5ae9908c.jpg

Another scene from the pageant of 1931. The pageant was performed on Hyde United football ground which was decorated for the occasion by a mock-up of a medieval castle.

Photos and information taken from the book Hyde in Old Photographs by Alice Lock.

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Chris Han said...

If I'm not mistaken by the angles, the tall chimney in the bottom photo belongs to Boston Mills.

The chimney was still standing up until the mid-seventies, then it was reduced to a 10 foot high stump, which is still there to this day.

Frank Kirkpatric. said...

If I'm not mistaken Thomas Middleton rode the white horse which was loaned for the occasion by Charlie Barnett a farmer from Godley. Two of the Roman soldiers were Jimmy Timperley and Albert Taylor, and a lady known locally as Russian Annie played an ancient British Queen.