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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Corporation Street - Past and Present

Here is a view of the Firestation which used to stand on Corporation Street.
It was a beautiful building and another one which, sadly, bit the dust.

 photo hyde247.jpg

 photo hyde248.jpg
Here is a present day view of the same spot.

Thanks again to Werneth Low for the photos :)


the tufty club said...

In the late 70's The old fire station changed use to become part of Greenfield boys school. I used to do Art upstairs, and Design and technology downstairs.

Chris Han said...

A great fun photo, and a very beautiful building.
I went inside many times when it was the Art & Technology Department of Greenfield St School, and also in later years when it was Fat Willy's Night Club.
Some years after this photo was taken the front archers where drastically altered, I presume to accommodate more modern fire engine appliances.

Werneth Low said...

Thanks Chris, I'd completely forgotten about Fat Willy's. The old fire station sure was a beautiful building and, as kids, we would always want to be taken to see the engines if we were down Hyde. An added attraction would be if a call came in because the siren would sound which was like the "moaning Minnie" sound of the air raid warning signal. You could practically hear it all over Hyde. Then the engines would come out with their bells clanging - no blues and twos in those days! Oh it was exciting. I wonder why the fire station site has never been built on and why the old police station is still derelict after so many years. It's sad.

B Williams said...

Years ago I used to run a youth group and often took the kids down to the fire station to do their 'fire fighters' badge. The very last time we were there they had a 'shout' and the firemen had to rush off leaving their meal which they were about to sit down to. It was a nice building as many other buildings in the town I was sorry to see it go.

Marjorie said...

I used to love this building and seeing the fire engines inside when the doors were open. So sad, sad, sad, like what has happened to most of Hyde.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me what year the old fire station in Corporation Street was demolished please, my dad was a fireman there in the late 40's early 50's before moving to Stalybridge station on promotion.

Thank you