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Friday, 19 July 2013

Hyde Hall

Here is a nice colour picture of Hyde Hall.

Hyde Hall (not to be confused with its surviving namesake, Hyde Hall Farm in Denton) was situated on the left bank of the river Tame.

 photo HYDEHALL1_zpse7163826.jpg

Lord Sebastian Coe, the former MP’s great-great-great-great-grandfather was George Hyde Clarke of Hyde Hall.

Lord Coe discovered that his ancestor earned a fortune through ownership of a Jamaican sugar plantation. However, this revelation proved more bitter than sweet as the estate workforce comprised more than 500 slaves.

More surprises were in store. Although George was married to Catherine Hussey of Denore, Ireland, by whom he had two children, he also fathered six illegitimate children by four other women. His domestic arrangements in Jamaica were interesting, as it is believed he lived jointly with his wife, Catherine, and his mistress, Sophia, with whom he had an affair lasting 15 years.

George returned permanently to Hyde in 1789-9 and became a patron of Denton Chapel (Denton St Lawrence). During his tenure as a justice of the peace in Cheshire and Lancashire, in 1811, he contributed to the suppression of the Luddite disturbances.

The hall was demolished in 1857.

Thanks to Tameside.gov.uk  For the information here.

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B Williams said...

Has anyone any photos of the farm which I can remember very well. That didn't get demolished until about 40 years ago.