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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Hyde Festival Orchestra

The Hyde Festival Orchestra was founded in 1954.

They were very popular and played many, many concerts all over the area but especially at Hyde Town Hall. The concerts used to be packed to capacity. 
My mum was associated with them for around 50 years and I have some very happy memories of the concerts.

Interestingly, on this programme pictured below, the solo violinist was Michael Davis who eventually played with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. He also led many of the main London orchestras and was for a number of years principal violinist with the BBC Symphony Orchestra !!

Happily, I can report that the orchestra is still in existence today albeit on a smaller scale. :)

 photo hfo001.jpg

 photo hfo002.jpg


Anonymous said...

See old George Browning of Greenfield School was a member.

Elizabeth Marshall said...

Miss Thompson in cellos taught music and cello and clarinet at Harrytown.

Elizabeth Marshall said...

David Bentley, conductor, was a close family friend. His wife , Mollie, is listed in second violins. I am still in contact with Mollie. David and Mollie's daughter, Kathy, took over as conductor for a few years after David sadly passed away. Also listed is Joan Dean - she was my violin teacher st Harrytown. Anyone have any contact info for her? Mrs Rhodes in violins also taught at Harrytown.