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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Leigh Street School Photo

I've been asked by a friend in Australia if I could put the Leigh Street class photo on the blog. It shows her daughter Denise Morris (at the time) on the bottom row third from left. in her class in the late 1960's. Shirley her mother emigrated with her family to Australia a few years later. Any other info about the photo, such as names etc would be appreciated.

 photo LeighStprimary_zps522d32ac.jpg Back Row:  ?, Tony West, Susan Richardson, Christopher Johnston, ?
 Middle Row:  Anthony Savage, Mark Rogan, ?, Stephen Ferris, Voya Sarcevic, David Bradley, Martin Arrowsmith, Peter Catlow
Front Row: Carol Slater, Carol Hamer, Denise Morris, Ceridy Walker, Sharon Knowles, Jane Rudge? Jane Morris (my sister)

Sorry if any names are spelt wrong.


Hydonian said...

This was a nice surprise for me.
This photo is my sisters class at Leigh Street too.
I can recall quite a few of her classmates including Denise !
I will add them to the post.
Many Thanks for sharing !!

shirlm said...

thank you paul for putting the photo on I'll show it to Denise sher will be quite thrilled
and thank the lady who put the names on Shirley