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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Dean and Noble

Below is a postcard which shows, amongst other shops, Dean and Noble, which stood on Market Street on the corner of the Borough Arcade..
The advert below is from when it stood lower down Market Street next to the alley, Longmeadow Passage.
Dean and Noble had an iconic status in Hyde as a place where you could buy almost any small electrical item or accessory

 photo hyde240.jpg

 photo bc3b4b31-1a1f-4be3-a6db-a823085aaaf6.jpg
Here is a still from a 35mm cinema reel of silent adverts that were used at the Theatre Royal Cinema.

Thanks to Werneth Low for the postcard and Stephen Hill for the advert :)

Much appreciated !!


Jeff Sherwin said...

Werneth Low is on a roll, keep it going please.

Werneth Low said...

I'm not on a roll! Having lived away from Hyde for 40 years now, and having so much stuff collected to do with the town, I feel I want to share it. This Blog has given me the opportunity to do that, and I'm grateful to the Team for putting my stuff on. There's plenty more where this came from!!u

John Taylor said...

I remember this well. Timpsons next door and Burtons a little lower down. Thanks for the great pics.

You don't perhaps have one of Cable shoes (opp woolies) around the '60's do you? I have been searching for ages.

The one heading the blog is what I want only 60 years later!