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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Beauty Of Matley

I've been busy today and not had time to write up a couple of posts that I'd planned to do, so today it's some pictures that have all been taken around the Matley Lane area. I have never been disappointed with any of the walks I took around here...  it really is a beautiful place to spend time.

 photo ARLY221-1.jpg

 photo yellow5.jpg

 photo rays1.jpg

 photo Matley103.jpg

 photo Matley101.jpg

 photo Matley026.jpg

 photo Matley010.jpg

 photo Matley015.jpg

 photo Matley001.jpg

 photo Matley018.jpg

 photo MatleyLane046.jpg

 photo MatleyLane201.jpg

Hope you have enjoyed these views


Anonymous said...

Barry in oz. I spent many wonderful hours as a kid looking for frogspawn, tadpoles and sticklebacks in some of the paddocks on Matley lane, also Blackberrying with the family on our sunday walk. My schoolchum lived at the farm in your photo, just past the Rising Moon, Brian Blenkinsop, and we played for hours on the farm.

downsie21 said...

Some great photos Tom

Marjorie said...

Then they ruined it by building along Matley Lane. When I was small it was a lovely walk to the Rising Moon. On the way we passed a house which had a front garden full of fairies and gnomes, stone of course, but quite magical to a young child. Does anyone else remember it?

Werneth Low said...

Wonderful shots, Tom. Thank you for them, they make me nostalgic!

Trish said...

These are really beautiful photos Tom, thanks for sharing them.

tameside walker said...

andy from ashton ,i was born in hyde my surname is matley .
iv been totally enjoying looking at the pics of the matley area it brings back lots of memories .

thanks you