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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Werneth Low 1952

Here's some more of the photographs that Keith Oldham gave me, this time of Werneth Low and Keith himself is in a couple of the photographs, albeit in a pram being pushed by his mother.
This is looking towards Windy Harbour and on the left you can see the bridge over the railway which now marks the start of the Hattersley estate, but of course in those days there were just fields. Below is yesterday's photograph of the scene.

This is lower down Werneth Low Road just before the junction with Joel Lane and the buildings in the picture are still there, although the white house on the left is hidden by the trees on yesterday's photo.

This one was a bit more difficult to pinpoint, but it appears to be on Higham Lane. You can see the War Memorial on the right, but it's a bit more difficult to spot on yesterday's photograph, so I've also cropped the picture and you can make out the War Memorial on that behind the cow parsley in the centre. The building on the extreme left of the picture is Higher Higham Farm, but again that's hidden behind the trees on yesterday's photograph. You can see on both photographs the change in the dry stone wall on the right from large stones to smaller stones.
The house in the centre of the 1952 photograph isn't there now, but it appears to have been on the triangular plot in the centre of the shot below from Google Earth. There seems to be a building shown there on the 1910 OS map. Yesterday's photograph was taken from just beyond the row of cottages shown at the bottom of the picture.


Chris Han said...

Thanks Dave, I do enjoy seeing the comparative photos of 'then and now', good detective work by the way.

Nice original photos as well, nice to see a family on a day's trip.

downsie21 said...

Very glad you're back and hopefully everything is OK.

Trish said...

These are great photos, so glad you are back!

bill Lancashire said...

That 'missing house' I think stood on the bottom of Flag Field. It used to be an open field but the flag path now has a wall on one side and a hedge on the other. The building was farm labourers cottages and they stood where the little picnic area is now.

Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz. I lived the first 17 yearsw of my life in Hyde, yet never set foot on Werneth Rd. THis was rectified in 2010 when I visited there. I had never known what I nwas missing.

Dave said...

Scharnhorst - I've read your self-descriptive comments but deleted them for reasons previously stated.