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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

St George's Rowing Club Memorial

I made a comment on the post about the boathouse a few days ago that we'd already done a post about the missing memorial some months ago, but I had been unable to find that post. This is the original article from The Reporter about the missing memorial, and you'll see from the photograph below of the old boathouse that it's dated September 24th, 1992.

The Post referred to is this one  http://hydonian.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/lost-memorials.html

The photograph below is one I took in March 2011 and appears to be the retaining wall behind the boathouse.

Dave Hamilton also sent in the link below.



Phil Leech said...

The rowing club was still active in the early sixties with 'scholars' as they were called from St Georges Church. But the club was declining then. However, it was used by 4th Hyde Scout Troop who used the land around the clubhouse to practise their drum and bugle band. 4th Hyde had a thriving band at that time, and they practised there because it did not disturb any neighbours. I seem to remember using the clubhouse itself when it was raining.

Melvyn Bowler said...

The Rowing Club was not active in the early sixties, it was closed down in 1958 by the members at a special general meeting (although that vote was actually illegal due to voting irregularities).

The building may have been used after that time for other activities, but was basically derelict from then on. St Georges Church paid little interest in it, including the War memorial.

Melvyn Bowler
former secretary
St Georges Rowing Club