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Monday, 16 September 2013

Werneth Low ( View Of )

Werneth Low
George Lane Bredbury 
1900 to 1909

 photo c06021.jpg

View east over the Peak Forest Canal, High Lane farm in the centre of the picture


Do you have any pictures of Werneth Low, I intend doing a week of pictures on it's beauty... so please send them in by email.. If you let me know why you like the Low I will include your story's... I am dedicating this week long celebration to my favourite internet troll. (Anonymous) for the inspiration he gives me.


Marjorie said...

There are now houses in the foreground and the farm is no longer a farm. What date was this taken?

Anonymous said...

Must be that time of the month again, nothing of interest so up pops Werneth Low.

Tom said...

Your nasty comment would normally not see the light of day... but today I'm in a giddy mood.
I'm glad you don't approve and felt the need to leave such a comment
However you will be overjoyed because'YOU' yes you... that worthless, sad, individual has given me an idea... a full week on the beauty of Werneth Low dedicated to you... xzzz

Tom said...

Marjorie:.. ha! took me a while to find the email this picture turned up in... anyhow it seems it was between 1900-1909.

Jeff Sherwin said...

Should you ever tire of Werneth Low,
Turn up your toes it's time to go.

Anonymous said...

hello all, whether it be of any interest to anyone or not i dont know. my great grandparents alan jackson and dorothy jackson used to run the farm atop of werneth low (the one that is now converted into a house with a glass side) i have pictures before the convertion when they used to live there dating from somewhere between 1950 and the 190s (dates unknown) if there of any use to anyone i can gather pictures and scan them to be e-mailed on request. my e-mail is kanecomponents@hotmail.com feel free to ask any questions.

Tom said...

Anything you have and would help to put a posting together can be sent in to hydonian@gmail.com