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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Whit Walk 1970s

I've found these photographs taken during the Whit Walk of, I think, 1979 and featuring the Fellowship Church from Chapel Street.

These two photographs are taken from Market Street looking up Union Street, and below is an image from Google Street View showing how this junction now looks.

This is Ridling Lane at the junction with Lumn Road and below is the current Google Street View.

These two photographs were taken at the junction of Lumn Road and Orchard Street and the Google Street View version isn't necessary as it looks no different now to what it did then.
Market Street at the junction with Croft Street with the Google Street View version below.


Chris Han said...

Great picture's, Dave, love 'em.

I'm surprised not to see myself lurking in the background on some of them.

Lumn Rd, Ridling Lane, and Union St were the main route myself and my mates took back in them days, when us kids would "knock about" the streets.

Chris Han said...

Just to add; Look at the difference between the Union St/Market St junction compared to nowadays.

Who would have thought back then that the amount of traffic that would pass through that junction a couple of decades down the line?

Werneth Low said...

The motorway to nowhere has a lot to answer for in the volume of traffic using Union Street today.

In the Whit Walk photos, what organisation do,the little girls wearing green uniforms belong to?

Dave Williams said...

Werneth Low - the youth group associated with the Fellowship Church was The Campaigners , similar to the Scouts and Guides Association, and the girls in green were known as 'Junos', The Campaigners equivalent of the 'Brownies'.

Werneth Low said...

Thanks, Dave, that's interesting. At least they weren't the greenies!