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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Day Trip From The Navvy

Pub Outing

 photo NavvyMorningddd.jpg

Bill Lancashire sent in this fantastic picture of a morning drive his father went on..

 photo NavvyMorning2.jpg

 photo NavvyMorning.jpg

Bill writes: "I assume this is a morning drive from the Navigation Hotel (which is now the Cheshire Ring of course). He is seated on the second from the front row, third in from the left and looking at him (in what I think is his demob suit) and the other people on the picture I would guess that it is late forties or very early fifties. Sitting on my Dad's left is his friend Johnny Brown who worked with him at Watkin's Glove works.  Johnny had been a POW for several years.  My uncle, Bert Parkinson, who was the landlord of the 'Navvy', is the man with the smart suit and white handkerchief in his breast pocket seated three to my Dad's left.  There are certainly some characters on the photograph and some of the other names I can recall are Ralph Wright, Jess Wrigley, Billy Binns, and the dog's name was Micky.  I particularly like the look of the little man wearing the beret sitting on my Dad's right."

 photo banksnav.jpg

Thank's Bill I hope the enlargements are ok!


Anonymous said...

They look like a hit team from the Mafia.

Chris Han said...

Great photo.

One thing that struck me is the change in custom to wearing hats.

Most of the older men seem to be holding on to the fashion, but all the younger guys have moved on from it, I presume pre-war they would have all been topped off.
I wonder if this change in attitude was a backlash to memories of the war, where a hat was a compulsory part of the uniform and also helped to denote rank?

Just to add, the last guy on his haunches in the last photo looks like one-mean-hombre (!)

Anonymous said...

The guy in the last photo, second from left wearing the trilby, was Mr.Timperly. We use to call him Mrs Pastry, after the tv character.