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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Hyde United FC

Whilst Tom's unable to put any posts on the blog I've found a couple of items which may interest some people and the first is some photographs which were passed to me by Keith Oldham and which he says were taken by Bob Murray at a Hyde United v Fleetwood game at Easter 1969. 
Jeff Fry (11) congratulates Kenny Hewitt (8) who scores Hyde's 1st goal
Ray Perry (1st left) rushes in to challenge Fleetwood keeper Cooper
Ian Blyth (4th from left) scoring Hyde's 4th goal

The first match that I saw at Ewen Fields was on New Year's Day in the late 1950s, 1958 I think. Hyde beat Northwich Victoria 6-0 or 6-1, but I don't suppose there's many people around now who would remember that game.


Tom said...

Thanks Dave
Great pictures.

Jeff Sherwin said...

Went to games with my dad, late forties, learned a life lesson there,late in the game people began to leave, no score, as the crowd left we hung in, with a little over a minute to play Hyde scored followed by another, when we got to the bus stop a friend of my dads said what a rotten game Harold, no score, he took some convincing, I've never left an event early.

Anonymous said...

my dad would remember that game Im sure - he played for Northwich Victoria and then Hyde United in the 50's