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Sunday, 1 September 2013

James Winterbotham & Son

Here's a couple of pictures from a souvenir newspaper issued by 'The Reporter' probably 20 years or so ago called 'All Our Yesterdays'. 
Although the caption says that the shop was at 18 Newton Street the number 13 is clearly shown on either side of the 'Jas Winterbotham & Son' sign above the shop window, and the Kellys Directory of 1914 has an entry:
'Winterbotham James & Son, tripe dealers, 39 Bank street & 13 Newton street'

Here is a picture from the same newspaper of the Bank Street premises.
As this cutting says, Amos Winterbotham was Mayor of Hyde in 1931-32 and Thomas Middleton's 'History of Hyde', which was published in 1931, says this about him:

'Amos Winterbotham - 1931-32
Councillor Amos Winterbotham is a native of Hyde, and belongs to an old local family. His grandfather, Mr. Amos Armitage, was one of the leaders of the Hyde Chartists, and was imprisoned for the part he took in the Chartist rising of 1848. Mr. Winterbotham, who is in business as an oil and tallow merchant and tripe manufacturer, entered the Town Council in 1913, being returned as Liberal member for Newton Ward, which he has represented ever since. For many years he has been chairman of the Market and Baths Committee. He became Mayor in 1931.'
This is the photograph of Amos Winterbotham in the 'History of Hyde'


Gerald (SK14) said...

The Bank Street premises are now Hyde Industrial Supplies

Werneth Low said...

Didn't Winterbottoms have a tripe stall in one of the green huts on the market ground too?

Tom said...

Cheers Dave
Great post... I'm I right in thinking the building on Bank Street is still there and Hyde Industrial Supplies trade from there now?

I was talking to my friend Lyndon, who sells tripe in the Mall at "LET'S TALK TRIPE" he say's the sales of tripe are on the up and he gets customers from far and wide..

Thanks for posting Dave.

Tom said...

I should have moderated the comments before I'd commented, thanks Gerald I'm sure I had read it on one of the Hyde blogs.. Hope you are keeping well Gerald.
Werneth low: I can't say one way or another on that.. I know there was a tripe stall... but can't confirm the owners. I'm sure conformation will turn up.

Linda Daulton said...

Winterbotham did have a tripe stall on Hyde market it was a green hut which customer could walk into. On all the photos I have ever seen the stall is always just outside the picture. The stall was located on the market facing the buildings between the White Lion and the UCP. After Amos's death the business continued and was run by his 2nd wife and two of his daughters - Elsie Dennerley and Margaret Holt (my grandmother). The business was sold on and moved into the new market hall and for a while Elsie continued to work there.

Tom said...

Hello and thank you Linda.. It's always a pleasure when someone linked to a post comments.

Werneth Low said...

Thank you Linda. I was certain there was a stall in one of the huts, just about facing the UCP. Those were the days.

James said...

Hi.... there was indeed a Jas Winterbottom Tripe stall in the market with a green hut. My Mother Norma and her Sister Millie both worked there in the 60's and 70's. Millie's husband Charli Corbishley worked for the Tripe works as a driver and i used to go with him when i was a kid to the the Abattoirs around Macc and Hattersley to collect the carcasses for the tripe works. At that time the company was owned by Mr Mahler and his son Nicky....hope this helps? regards James Mellor