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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Blenkinsops Farm

On Wednesday I posted a few of my own pictures taken around Matley,  Barry Lewis who now lives in Australia remembers this area from his youth and left a comment on the post. Barry as been a great source of information and has supplied us with many pictures since this blog was in it's infancy, we are very grateful for his continued support. Barry sent the pictures in which inspired today's post.

 photo IMG_1579.jpg

Barry remembers this as being called  Blenkinsops Farm, I thought I could just had a cutting from an old map and the post would be sorted, but somehow one thing led to another and the post grew.

 photo IMG_1580.jpg

If you look on the 1840 Tithe Map below at the plots 284, 285,and 286 buildings are clearly marked, and interestingly on Plot 286 is a Pottery.

 photo potmap.jpg

Below Plot 286 Information
James Ollerenshaw is shown as owner and occupier of land known as Taylor Field and the Pottery Buildings

 photo pottery.jpg

Below Plot 285 Information
James Ollerenshaw is shown as owner and occupier of 2 houses and 3 gardens

 photo Capturepot2.jpg

Below Plot 284 Information
James Ollerenshaw is shown as owner and occupier of house,garden and lane

 photo Capture3.jpg

I have not been able to find any information about the Pottery, so if you can add anything that would be great. It seems that James Ollerenshaw had a number of plots in that area, Plot 295 is called Clay Field which made me wonder if this was where the potter got his Clay from. The use of this field in 1840 at the time James Ollerenshaw owned it was used as a pasture. I noticed on Plot 286 where the pottery is shown that is was called Taylor Field and was being used as a meadow. I don't know if James Ollerenshaw was the Potter, or if maybe someone called Taylor who the field is named after.  

 photo mlfarm.jpg

The above Ordnance Survey map of 1910 now shows a building called Pothouses, and the farm is shown as Matley Lane Farm. The Rising Moon now appears but it was not on the 1875 map, but there was a well there then.

 photo farm1.jpg

I think the building on the right is now called Pot House Cottage, but as for the farm building I'm not sure. As can be seen above it is now an Equestrian Centre. If you own either of these properties and would like to add to this post please get in touch. 

 photo risingmoon.jpg

 photo IMG_1582.jpg

I'm going to have a Virtual Pint  now with Barry as a way of thanking him for today's post, I think we will use the old pub as the prices will be more suitable for our pockets.


We have been contacted by Arthur Heywood the Gr. Gr. Grandson of the above mentioned Pot-Maker James Ollerenshaw, Arthur as sent in two scans and has this to say:

"Regarding your article about James Ollerenshaw, he was my great great Grand father, I enclose a copy of the 1841 Census with his brother`s on as pot Makers, and the 1851 Census which is damaged but shows his name, and farmer and as you can see the address as Pot Houses."

Thank you Arthur


Gillian Meakin said...

I believe this James Ollerenshaw is an ancestor of mine born in Mellor in 1779. In 1841 he was a farmer of 35 acres in Matley, and he also had a son James born 1807. I have hundreds of Ollerenshaw ancestors around Mellor and Matley.

Marjorie said...

What an interesting post! And nice to see that the pub is still going.

downsie21 said...

Great piece of research and a terrific article arising from one photo sent from Down Under.

Anonymous said...

Barry in oz. My wife and I were in Hyde on holiday in 2010 and having a drink in the rising Moon. There was a send off drink going on for a young lady who served behind the bar, turned out she was leaving that day to live in Australia.

Anonymous said...

I must say this is really enthralling

Gillian Meakin said...

As a result of this post I did some more digging on this Ollerenshaw family and discovered that it was James' brother John living next door who was a "pot maker" in the 1841 and 1851 census. Another brother William was listed as "earthenware manufacturer" in a 1832 trade directory of Mottram. It's been really satisfying to get some flesh on the bones of these ancestors and see where they lived.

Tom said...

Thank you... I do like it when information such as this comes in..
Now then can we find some of the pottery? :)