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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Brook Fold Wood, Godley

Brook Fold Wood

Brook Fold Woods was a favourite place to head for in Victorian times... these woodlands, and many more that surround and cut through our town, were once part of much bigger woodlands and would have provided much food and hunting in days of old.

If you walk along The Trans Pennine Trail..... towards the end of the old Goods Line at Godley East, Brook Fold Woods runs up towards Mottram Old Road, at the side of the railway line, it's quite overgrown in places now.. Again, this is a place to spot the odd Roe Deer.. These deer are quite timid and soon make off at the slightest sound... They have for years made good use of the railway lines to move around.. so try to keep the lines in sight and if you are lucky you might get to see them. I have stood on the train bridge on Mottram Road, popped my head over and looked down the lines towards Hattersley Train Station and seen them grazing.. My friend as a pictures or some grazing here I must try to get some copies for here.


imac said...

Nice shot and info Tom, and still barking up the trees then?

Anonymous said...

I saw a deer whilst driving up the m67 a few weeks ago. I t tbought i was seeing things but now after reading this feel it is quite plausable x