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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Kellys Fishing Shop, Corner of Dowson and Market Street

Kellys Fishing shop stood on the corner of Dowson Road before it was widened in approximately 1986. Before it was demolished it stood with a small group of shops which included, amongst others, Knotts Sweet shop, which was a big favourite of mine ,and a butchers shop.

This was taken in 1985. Note the closing down sale. Sad day indeed.

This is the side view taken from Dowson Road itself.You can just make out the arched windows of the former Co-op which stood on Market Street.

Dowson road
This is the View looking down present day. Look at the width of Dowson Road.

dowson road corner
View looking up Market Street at Dowson Road junction. Kellys was where the 2 Traffic lights now stand in the middle.


Taken from where Ricky Hattons Gym now stands on Queen Street, Janet Howie's photograph taken 1982 shows the junction of Market Street and Dowson Road.


The same junction, taken from the end of Queen Street. Both pictures reproduced here with kind permission of Gerald England. Gerald runs 3 great blogs on Hyde.. Hyde Daily Photo - Old Hyde - Hyde DP Xtry Nip over and check them out.... I don't think you will be disapointed.... ha! just make sure you call back here though ;o)


ian... said...

It's quite sad really - not much has been achieved by knocking them down.

I can vaguely remember seeing the buildings - probably from the inside of a rusty old Mini LOL

JohnR said...

When I was a kid it the shop was boots the chemist and Mr Kelly ian and Howards dad kept the old wooden medicine draws for keeping fishing tackle in also one of the shops was booths farm and dairy shop

Tom said...

Cheers John for that.. I never realised Mr Kelly was there dad... I used to buy my air rifle pellets from here... and later cross bow bolts... I could not walk down Dowson Road carrying a rifle these days... ha!..

Anonymous said...

We used to go here all the time...I saw Howard Kelly on T.V...hes a pro Fisherman now.....The last time I saw Ian kelly...or Kez to us lot was in the Church Inn in 91....Got any of Hiroshimas?
Mark Felstead

Tom said...

Cheers Mark... I'll keep my eyes open for pictures of Hiroshimas...

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

I published a 1982 shot in November on Old Hyde - cheers

Tom said...

Cheers Gerald... thats a great view of the shop. and the junction.

Hydonian said...

Thanks Gerald ,much appreciated :)

Ghost of Red Pump St said...

I remember going in here when I was about 5 with my mum also buying either cross bow bolts or long bow arrows for my dad, must of been for his Birthday !! Little did i know 20 odd years later I d be taking my daughter to the Hyde schoold of dance should a little further down. Interestingly enough Miss Wendy Cummings principal Of the dance school as just recently retired, leaving the school in her daughters hands but with a cahnge of venue to Cartwright Street in Newton.