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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Lower Market Street / Brookes Ironmongers

market St showing Brookes Ironmomgers

Photo showing Lower Market street - the stretch that includes Barclays Bank and the Pagliacci Italian Restaurant. Brookes Ironmongers is pictured bottom right ,next to the tram. This is the site of the Brooke Surgery now, hence the name.

man on building

Mart of Exchange Building = Market of Exchange

If you look carefully on the above picture, near the large middle chimney ,you can make out the outline of the "naked man" statue that is still there today.

restaurant statues
The "naked man" statue on the Pagliacci Italian restaurant roof. I'm sure he would have lots of tales to tell about Hyde in days gone by !

dave & berlys

Seems it is not just Nancy and myself who like this statue.. we have very kindly been sent 3 pictures from Dave and Beryl Williams who also like this statue... thank you both. We will try to find out more and report back on this.


Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

The bank fa├žade has changed somewhat - of course it was Martins before it was Barclays - maybe it was something else before it was Martins

Tom said...

I love this view Nancy... as you know I've often admired the statue.... I am well impressed you noticed it in the first place... The building where Barcley's is now look fantastic, what a shame that style was not kept. I really must get down to Hyde early and takke pictures of all Market Street and see what is what...
Excellent find Nancy..

ian... said...

The funny thing with this pic is that if it wasn't for the statue, it would be unrecognisable today.

How old is the the early photo?

Tom said...

Hi Ian
These are not as old as they look really.. I'm not sure of the exact date but I would say it must be after 1910
The main clue here is the Electric tram coming up the road... acording to GMT musuem it was 1901 when Manchester Tramways started to use Electric, 1904 was when SHMD started their joint Tramway and Electic Board... Manchester did not start using a numbered service on their tram until 1913... but that dose not mean SHMD did not already have numbered trams..

You have started me off now thinking of a 'Time Line' post for Hyde... but that will have to be something for the future.