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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Norths and Market Street view.

View of the top of Market Street showing Norths Factory (formerly Slack Mills). Also note the Old Laundry(North Cheshire?)with the arched doorway...

market st
This photo is showing the same view approx 35 years later. Looks so much greener and cleaner and with no Mill just a new housing estate and School.


View looking down Market Street. Note the Ice cream van - don't seem to be as many about today.


Tom said...

That is one hell of a differance Nancy..
I was trying to remember how the entrance to Norths looked, it came back in the end...
In 1980 I went for two jobs... one at Norths in the 'Dip'.. dipping the gloves into the rubber coating... hot dirty work that burnt your fingers at first... so I'm told, and the other job was at the UCD Dairy.. watching milk go round a conveyor belt... both paid similar wages... but the Dairy was days, not shift work and there was a chance of an early finish.. ha! the Dairy won.
I know many who worked there and they all seemed to be content at Norths.

Tom said...

Excellent shot....
I think Levaggi's came from Denton... and are still going.. I recall that they had some really old vans at one time. I have a great picture of my Granddad selling Ice Cream from a 'Stop-Me-And-Buy-One'.. I'll dig it out.
I've just noticed the fencing at the front of norths... you can make out the gold star shaped fitments on the top... I remember coming out of the Ring A Bells... drunk most likely and finding one of these stars on the floor.. I skimmed it across the road.. but it started to climb and stuck in a front door near to where that van is parked.. I hid quick.. ;o)

Hydonian said...

I believe that the fence from around Norths is now round Ricky Hattons gym ,Tom.